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Heather Polivka, MBA


HeatherP Solutions

This is what happens when marketing expertise meets HR proficiency: Heather Polivka.


A proven global leader, Heather knows the power of a purposeful brand experience that reaches customers, communities, employees and stockholders. She’s seen the impact it has because she’s led these initiatives for some of the world’s most recognized brands.


Before launching HeatherP Solutions, she led a global marketing division of UnitedHealth Group, a Fortune 6 organization. For nearly 12 years, she established their employer brand, marketing strategy and marketing infrastructure while serving as the critical link between Marketing and Human Resources. Working with teams around the globe, she continually refined and reimagined all the ways brand experience can impact people, processes and profits.


With HeatherP Solutions, she’s on a mission to help businesses retain and engage the right people, so they can retain and engage customers. To build admired leaders who are recognized for the way they prioritize employee success. And to help leadership teams perform at a higher level, with greater consistency.  

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Pairing Marketing and HR for Business Results

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Webinar PDH Credit

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Heather Polivka, MBA
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Why do some companies thrive in good times and survive during the most turbulent times, while others experience greater peaks and valleys or struggle day-to-day? How do some organizations cultivate a ...
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