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Dawn Herscher

Dawn Herscher, Inc.

Dawn Herscher is an award-winning speaker and storyteller. With an extensive background in marketing, Dawn is a digital marketing advisor to top brands, helping them to capture attention in a crowded marketplace. As a speaker, Dawn travels all over to deliver a world-class storytelling workshop to audiences ranging from sales to marketing to leadership. Dawn is known for her unique and memorable delivery, which demonstrates the importance of storytelling through an interactive and engaging presentation. Dawn will dazzle your audience, deliver relevant and strategic content, and give them an experience they will talk about long after the event is over.


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It's not the products you sell, but the stories you tell

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Dawn Herscher
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Research proves that marketing is no longer about the products you sell, but the stories you tell. What’s more, if your digital presence isn’t 90% better than your competitors then you won’t qualify t...
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