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Mhairi Petrovic, CME


Out-Smarts Marketing

Mhairi is the founder of Out-Smarts, a digital marketing agency in Vancouver Canada that works with organisations that do good in the world to help them do better online.


Over the span of her career, Mhairi has worked with organizations of all sizes from mutinationals to solopreneurs across a wide range of industries in North America and in the UK. 


Passionate about digital marketing and sharing her knowledge, Mhairi enjoys blogging, public speaking and teaching.


In her spare time Mhairi enjoys graffiti hunting, discovering ancient monoliths, making kombucha and spending time with her family.


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Keeping Your Customers Informed During the Pandemic - Digital Communications in the Age of COVID-19

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Video 1 PDH Credit

Digital Marketing |  Marketing Management |  Social Media Marketing
Mhairi Petrovic, CME
Audio and Video
Short Description:
In the era of physical distancing, communicating with customers has taken on a whole new importance – and challenge. Customers we previously interacted with in-person have moved online, and now all co...
$69.00 - Base Price

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