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Certification Course

CSE-1 Certified Sales Executive® Part 1 - Leading as a Salesperson

Total Credits: 300 including 6 CSE Module

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Certified Sales Executive® Program Modules
Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE


This is module 1 of 3 of the Certified Sales Executive Exam Preparatory Program. Completing all three modules successfully will result in being awarded the Certified Sales Executive® - CSE® designation by SMEI. This module covers the sales function and the role it plays in a firm's overall strategy and reviews industry priorities (e.g., lead generation and cross-selling).

Content in Module 1:

Introduction to Sales Management

  • Sales Leader Profile: Manuel Vazquez Ederra, Federated Insurance (Video)
  • Ethics is Sales Management: Necessary for Success
  • Mission and Mission Statement
  • The Strategy Hierarchy - Corporate Strategy
  • The Strategy Hierarchy - Marketing Strategy
    • What Market Do We Serve with What Products?
    • What Types of Relationships Do We Form and with Whom?
    • What Level of Investment Will be Required, and How Will We Allocate the Needed Resources?
    • What are the Detailed Objectives and Action Plans
  • The Strategy Hierarchy - Sales Strategy
  • Sales Approaches
  • Global Sales Management: Recognizing the Differences
  • The Selling Process
    • Lead Generation
    • Pre-Call Planning
    • Approach
    • Needs Identification
    • Presentation
    • Handling Objections
    • Closing the Sale
    • Implementation/Follow-Up
  • How the Selling Process Fits in the Selling Approach
  • From Sales Representative to Sales Manager
  • Sales Leaders
    • The Sales Executive
    • The Field Sales Manager

Video Content

  • 3 Key Skills for Effective Sales Management (Brian Tracy)
  • Sales Tips from a 25 Year Veteran of B2B Sales (Tibor Shanto)
  • The Power of Yet (Carol S Dweck)

The Role Salespeople Play and Multichannel Sales Environments

  • Executive Profile: Joanna Murietta, 3M (Video)
  • Salespeople's Roles
  • Make or Buy? Outsourcing the Sales Function
  • Ethics in Sales Management: The Team Culture Matters
  • Selling in a Multichannel Environment
  • Global Sales Management: Building One Team
  • Understanding B2B Purchasing Decisions
  • The Nature of B2B Relationships

Video Content

  • Understanding and Defining Sales Channels
  • B2B Marketing: Gaining Multi-Channel ROI
  • How to Accelerate Growth with an Efficient, Highly Targeted, Multi-Channel Sales Process

Fundamental Approaches to Leadership Development

  • Sales Leader Profile: Patty Riedl, Hormel Foods (Video)
  • What is Leadership
    • Leading versus Managing
    • Understanding Leadership: An Historical Perspective
    • The Trait Approach: "These are the traits you need to be a leader"
  • Global Sales Management: Effective Communicating as Global Business Leaders
    • The Behavioral Approach: "This is how a leader behaves."
    • Situational Approaches: "Asses the situation, and then fit the behavior to it."
    • Contemporary Perspective of Understanding Leadership
    • Emerging Concepts of Leadership: "Develop your followers."
  • Ethics in Sales Management: The Principles of Ethical Leadership
    • Emergent Leadership

Video Content

  • Executive Profile (Patty Riedl)
  • Sales Management & Leadership (Mike Brooks)
  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action (Simon Sinek)
  • What it Takes to be a Great Leader (Roselinde Torres)


Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE's Profile

Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE Related seminars and products

President & CEO


Willis Turner is President & CEO of SMEI and has been actively engaged in supporting professional association management through volunteer service on the ASAE accreditation committee, the National Advisory Board for DECA and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Willis is a Certified Marketing & Sales Instructor and actively teaches marketing, professional selling and sales management through universities and corporate programs around the world. 

Willis holds the CME and CSE designations bestowed by SMEI and the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from ASAE which he earned in 2005. Earners of the Certified Association Executive have demonstrated, through experience and passing an exam, that they have practical experience in association management and executive level knowledge in defined competencies. He has a strong aptitude for web-based tools that assist associations and non-profit organizations to be more productive while providing members with high value. Willis is passionate about professional certification and has 20+ years of experience in developing and managing professional certification programs.

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