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Certification Course

SMEI Certified Marketing Executive® (CME®) Exam Preparatory Online Course

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Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to confidently sit for the CME® exam and:

  • Understand the fundamentals of implementing the marketing function in organizations
  • Evaluate the social, legal, political and ethical concerns in marketing
  • Understand the function of marketing in a competitive, dynamic global business
  • Develop effective strategic and marketing analysis skills
  • Enhance computer-based skills including on-line activities, written and oral communication, and information analysis
  • Demonstrate an individual capability for meeting professional standards of conduct, quality, and skill as a marketing manager

Learning Method

The online learning portal gives you the opportunity to test yourself on key concepts and skills, track your progress through the course and use the personalized study plan activities - all to help you achieve success. The graphic below illustrates the two phases in the online learning process, reading and practicing.


Features include:

  • Personalized Study Plans 
  • Interactive Elements - A wealth of hands-on activities and exercises let you experience and learn actively
  • Critical Thinking Challenge Questions - These questions measure core critical-thinking skills through the context of marketing applications. 
  • Watch your tree of of knowledge grow as you learn!

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