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How To Win More Negotiations By Reading Body Language

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Video 1 PDH Credit

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Greg Williams |  Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE
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Do you miss negotiation signals due to your failure to read body language accurately? Someone’s spoken words may suggest one thing, while their body language gestures may indicate something else. And that body language of “something else” is what you should pay attention to because it is essential to the negotiation process. Some people are good negotiators. But they do not realize they can negotiate better by reading body language.

In this session, you will discover how to read body language to increase your negotiation abilities. And by doing that, you will also improve your negotiation skills.

Learning Objectives

During this presentation, you will discover:

  1. the body language signals to observe that identifies nervousness
  2. how to test your suspension that someone may not be divulging the truth
  3. how to project the right persona based on the negotiator type of the person with whom you are negotiating
  4. what body language signals to emit to convey confidence, and why that is important
  5. negotiation and body language questions from attendees will be addressed



Greg Williams's Profile

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The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

Greg Williams’ Bio

(609) 369-2100


Greg is a people person that cares for the well-being of others. And that’s why he teaches people how to negotiate better to increase their value.

As a Harvard-trained negotiator, with the richness of 30 years of negotiation and reading body language experience, Greg Williams, ‘The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert,’ has taught negotiation and reading body language skills to people worldwide. He is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer, and a recognized worldwide thought leader on negotiation and reading body language. Greg is ranked 8th in negotiation and 17th in body language by Global Gurus of the top 30 gurus in the world.

In the capacity of TV News Contributor, Greg has appeared on all of the U.S. major TV networks and some in other countries. Greg has written seven books about negotiations and reading body language, and he’s currently writing number eight.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE's Profile

Mr Willis Turner CAE CME CSE Related Seminars and Products

President & CEO


Willis Turner is President & CEO of SMEI and has been actively engaged in supporting professional association management through volunteer service on the ASAE accreditation committee, the National Advisory Board for DECA and the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Willis is a Certified Marketing & Sales Instructor and actively teaches marketing, professional selling and sales management through universities and corporate programs around the world. 

Willis holds the CME and CSE designations bestowed by SMEI and the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from ASAE which he earned in 2005. Earners of the Certified Association Executive have demonstrated, through experience and passing an exam, that they have practical experience in association management and executive level knowledge in defined competencies. He has a strong aptitude for web-based tools that assist associations and non-profit organizations to be more productive while providing members with high value. Willis is passionate about professional certification and has 20+ years of experience in developing and managing professional certification programs.