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Goal Getting and the Death of Quotas

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Video 1 PDH Credit

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Dale Rothenberger |  David Light
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Establishing what is acceptable performance is key to a sales manager’s driving consistent selling activities and therefore sales outcomes. In today's world, it is the sales manager’s responsibility to involve the salesperson in the goal setting process so the goals remain challenging…. challenge seeking is highly correlated to sales outcome performance and compensation seeking.

In our session we will discuss the concept of "Goal Getting process". Key components are:

  • Name the Goal: What gets specifically named gets achieved.
  • Value Test the Goal: How does the specific goal fit the overall company sales objectives?
  • Pressure Test the Goal: Does it “soft-pass” the SMART test?
  • Milestone the Goal: “What by when?”
  • Benefit/Loss the Goal: What are the personal payoffs (incomes) and regrets avoided?
  • “How?” the Goal: What schedule of actions (adaptable) is required for achievement?
  • Action items • Potential Obstacles/Solutions • Resources required
  • Forecast the Goal: What metric(s) are predictive of success or failure?
  • Picture of Success: What will it look like when the goal is achieved?