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Turn LinkedIn Connections into Conversations

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Video 1 PDH Credit

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Brynne Tillman
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Getting to Hello is the biggest challenge sales professionals face today. Why? Because they pitch too soon and repel the buyers they are trying to engage.

"If I could just get more at-bats", says almost every sales rep I have ever met. It is all about starting the conversation and getting your ideal buyers excited to take your call... but you have to earn the right to make that happen! In this session, Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link and the LinkedIn Whisperer, will position you as the subject-matter expert and thought leader who consistently attracts the right people.

Learning Outcomes

  1. The social selling mindset that proves to your buyers that they matter to you
  2. Positioning your profile to be value-centric, not just a resume or, worse yet, a pitch deck
  3. Finding and engaging targeted connections that you have been ignoring
  4. Use LinkedIn and ChatGPT to start meaningful conversations with buyers, build rapport, create content and convert the interview into a sales conversation
  5. Leveraging your clients to get referrals
  6. Exactly what to do and say to get raised hands and appointments set



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Brynne Tillman is known as the LinkedIn Whisperer. Official LinkedIn Sales [In]sider, Guiding Professionals & Sales Teams to Leverage LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, & ChatGPT to Start Trust-Based Conversations without Being Salesy