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Certification Course

SMEI Digital Marketing Certificate Program

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Unlock Your Digital Marketing Potential!

Take your marketing skills to the next level with the SMEI Digital Marketing Certificate Program! This comprehensive online course is designed to fit your busy schedule, with self-study materials and hands-on activities that will challenge you to think critically and solve real-world problems.

Gain a Strategic Edge

Grounded in marketing theory and concepts, this program takes a strategic and analytical approach to digital marketing, with global examples and the latest digital marketing tools. You'll learn how to create value, develop effective marketing strategies, and leverage the power of digital channels to drive results.

Practical Skills for Real-World Success

Through interactive exercises, you'll gain hands-on experience in:

  • Creating a website without coding

  • Developing Google search ad campaigns

  • Crafting social media and community content

  • And more!

Industry-Recognized Certificate

Pass the online final exam and receive a printable PDF certificate and a digital badge to showcase on your LinkedIn profile. Take the first step towards advancing your marketing career or growing your business. Enroll in the SMEI Digital Marketing Certificate Program today!

Course Highlights:

  • 12 chapters covering digital marketing fundamentals, strategy, and tactics

  • Interactive quizzes, application-based activities, and hands-on exercises

  • Latest digital marketing tools and trends

  • Global examples and case studies

  • Industry-recognized certificate

Enroll Now and Take Your Digital Marketing Skills to the Next Level!

What is included:

  1. Online textbook in SmartBook format, easy to add notes and even have the text read to you audibly
  2. Chapter Quizzes
  3. Application Based Activities
  4. Final Exam
  5. Digital Badge and Certificate upon completion

How long will it take?

You have a total of 6 months access to the online course in which time you must also complete the online final exam. Your self-study pace will determine the actual total time you will need to study. We recommend a minimum of one chapter per week for 12 weeks, followed by the final exam.

The SMEI Digital Marketing Certificate Program is a fully online course designed to fit your schedule with an easy to follow self-study method which includes reading assignments, quizzes and application-based activities that will challenge your critical thinking and problem-solving skills in real-world scenarios.

  • Twelve chapters with three foundational chapters covering general topics of digital marketing and seven chapters focused on how to use marketing theory and concepts, in combination with digital marketing tools, to “do digital marketing.” 
  • Grounded in marketing theory and concepts, taking a strategic and analytical approach with global examples 
  • Relevant chapters designed to engage you through “Thinking about Global Digital Marketing”, “Legal and Ethical Issues”, “Privacy and Security Considerations” and “Value Creation” 
  • Latest digital marketing tools emphasizing current marketing trends and showcasing how tools should be applied 
  • Hands-on digital marketing exercises, including mocking up a website (using tools, not programming), creating Google search ad campaigns, creating social media and community content with additional direction toward industry certifications such as Google Ads, Social Media, and Email Marketing. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Digital Marketing in a Digital World 

Chapter 2: Creating Value through Digital Marketing Strategy 

Chapter 3: Digital Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship and Experience Management 

Chapter 4: Website Marketing Strategy 

Chapter 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy 

Chapter 6: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy 

Chapter 7: Email Marketing Strategy 

Chapter 8: Social Media and Community Marketing Strategy 

Chapter 9: Mobile Marketing Strategy 

Chapter 10: Digital Brand, Trust, and Reputation Management Strategy 

Chapter 11: Digital Marketing Legal, Ethical, Privacy, and Security Considerations 

Chapter 12: Trends and the Future of Digital Marketing 

An online final exam must be completed in order to pass the program and receive the certificate. The certificate will be issued as a printable PDF file as well as a digital badge which can be plugged into your LinkedIn profile.