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Sales Management, Shaping Future Sales Leaders, 3rd Edition: E-book used for all 3 modules - not necessary to purchase if you already have this version

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Certified Sales Executive® Program Modules



Part One: Leading as a Salesperson

Chapter 1: Introduction to Sales Management

Chapter 2:  The Roles Salespeople Play and Multichannel Sales Environments

Chapter 3: Fundamental Approaches to Leadership Development

Part Two: Leading as a Sales Manager

Chapter 4: Recruiting and Selecting the Right Salespeople

Chapter 5: Training and Developing the Salesforce

Chapter 6:  Supervising, Managing, and Leading Salespeople Individually and in Teams

Chapter 7:  Setting Goals and Managing the Performance of the Salesforce

Chapter 8: Motivating and Rewarding Salespeople

Part Three: Leading as a Sales Executive

Chapter 9: Ethics, the Law, and Sales Leadership

Chapter 10:  Managing Sales Technology and Sales Enablement Successfully

Chapter 11:  Turning Customer Information into a Winning Sales Strategy

Chapter 12: Designing and Organizing the Salesforce

Chapter 13:  Assessing the Salesforce’s Performance and Coaching for Improvements

Chapter 14: Effectively Leveraging Culture as a Sales Leader

Part Four:

Case Studies Case Study 1: The Phone Call

Case Study 2: Izukto Pharmaceuticals

Case Study 3: Firmer Shapes’ Sales Philosophy

Case Study 4: Pony Express Bank Needs Higher Profits

Case Study 5: MidWest Sales Associates: Please, Let’s Hire Someone!

Case Study 6: LA Distributors: Creating a Diversity Program

Case Study 7: R.G. Jameson: Achieving Internal Alignment

Case Study 8:  Cape Fear Sales Associates: Evaluating and Improving Performance

Case Study 9: U.S. Industries: Business Ethics in Asia

Case Study 10:  Acme Software Solutions: A Salesforce Performance Evaluation

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