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I Don't Use a Sales Pitch and You Shouldn't Either

Total Credits: 1 SMEI Video 1 PDH Credit

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During this recorded webinar, Mark Thacker will discuss what he believes to be one of the biggest myths in sales: the sales pitch. Mark explains why sales pitches are irrelevant to be a good salesperson, the negative effects pitches have on customer relationships and the public's perception of salespeople, why he truly believes sales in its purest form is an honorable profession and how doing away with sales pitches will help remind people of this. 


Mark will provide 3-5 strategies listeners can employ instead of a sales pitch to help them educate and build relationships with prospects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the underlying ethos of sales and how the sales pitch undermines this
  • Learn how ethics in sales ties into removing the sales pitch
  • Learn why a pitch is unnecessary to the overall sales process
  • Learn what to employ for success in sales instead of a pitch

About the Presenter:

Mark Thacker is the President of Sales Xceleration, a firm specializing in sales strategy, sales process and sales execution. Mark has a 33-year history of sales leadership and success in diverse industries and has overseen the growth of over $1 billion in revenue from Sales Xceleration clients since 2011.