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How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile, Develop Your Personal Brand & Attract Senior Jobs

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Matt Craven



LinkedIn now has over 770 million members so recruiters and companies naturally use it as one big pond to fish for and select talent. Most employers use social media to screen candidates, so there's no escaping its importance. And it's not just about job seeking, sales people with a strong LinkedIn presence (measured through SSI) create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower SSI and are 51% more likely to reach quota. In fact, 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use LinkedIn. And that's not all - organisations are now using thought leadership as a tool for corporate growth and they are actively seeking talent that embraces personal branding and thought leadership - your LinkedIn profile will indicate to a potential employer if YOU embrace these concepts. So, let’s get your LinkedIn profile working for you to turbo charge your career.

This webinar will be delivered by one of the world's leading personal branding and career development experts and will cover:

✔️ How to turbo charge your LinkedIn profile and get your resume and LinkedIn profile working together

✔️ Why you should be using LinkedIn to seek jobs but also develop your industry profile

✔️ How to create an attention grabbing Headline and About section

✔️ What you should and shouldn’t put in the Experience / Positions section

✔️ How to sell yourself and network to decision makers

✔️ How to master the dark art of thought leadership

✔️ How to use Projects and case studies for maximum impact

✔️ The things sales / marketing professionals should NEVER do on their LinkedIn profile

This is a live session with a Q&A session at the end.


Matt Craven's Profile

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Founder and CEO

CVIA Careers

Matt is the Founder and CEO of CVIA Careers. He is considered a thought-leader in Career Development and Personal Branding and is regularly engaged as a public speaker to deliver advice and guidance to global audiences on all things related to resume authoring, career advancement, LinkedIn, personal branding, thought leadership and winning work in the contract market.

Matt started his career in sales and operations roles in the vehicle hire sector, moving into recruitment in 1999 and doing everything from interim recruitment through to senior level search. Matt subsequently headed-up several teams, operating at Senior Manager level.

In 2006, Matt took the plunge and set-up CVIA Careers which he has grown into a market-leading business with a global client base and partnerships with some of the world's most illustrious associations and institutes.

As well as running multiple businesses, Matt spends his time researching and developing CVIA Career’s intellectual property so that the business’ services remain market leading.

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