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Krista Neher




This course is offered by Boot Camp Digital. Use promocode 25SMEI for a 25% discount.


With the digital marketing landscape changing and evolving rapidly, it isn’t enough to do a single training program – you need a plan to continue to learn and evolve. Smart marketers and business professionals are growing their knowledge and skills in digital marketing to drive results and grow career opportunities.

In this program gain access to 40+ hours of Master Classes, packed full of insightful information in Digital Marketing Strategy, Measurement & Analytics, Websites, Email Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Digital Advertising and Social Media Strategy.

The more you know about digital marketing, the better your results.

  • Build a digital marketing plan that focuses on moving consumers through each part of the marketing funnel, and develop a strong measurement and analytics approach to validate your digital marketing efforts.
  • Improve your website for maximum traffic, conversion, and search engine optimization.
  • Master online ads including search ads, display ads, video ads, social media ads and mobile ads.


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Boot Camp Digital

Krista Neher is CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a best-selling author of six books, international speaker, and recognized digital marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in this ever-changing industry. She has worked with leading companies like Google, P&G, General Mills, Nike, GE, The United States Senate, Prudential, Remax and more. She has also been a featured expert in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, Wired Magazine and CBS News.

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