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Online Course

Handling Difficult Employee Behavior

Total Credits: 10 Online Course

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the importance of addressing difficult employee behavior
  • Describe a six-step model for handling conversations about difficult behaviors
  • Apply practical tips for handling conversations about difficult behaviors
  • Recognize the common 12 difficult employee behavioral types:
    • the Complainer
    • the Disorganized Employee
    • the Procrastinator
    • the Inflexible Employee
    • the Unmotivated Employee
    • the Overly Sensitive Employee
    • the Overly Confident Employee
    • the Manipulator
    • the Social Skills Challenged Employee
    • the Overly Social Employee
    • the Needy Employee
    • the Bully
  • Describe the 12 difficult behaviors, their causes and motivations, and their consequences
  • Outline best practices for handling the 12 difficult behaviors
  • Apply best practices to workplace scenarios involving the 12 behavioral types

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