Creating a high-impact LinkedIn profile to attract top job opportunities

Did you know that 85% of hirers / head-hunters will check you out on online? That could be LinkedIn or any other online profile where you are visible to the outside world. They'll either find you there in the first place or, once you make it onto a shortlist, they'll want to have a nosy at your online presence.

Let’s get your LinkedIn and other online profiles dovetailing with your resume, to secure more interviews, for better jobs at a higher salary.

LinkedIn now has over 770 million members, so recruiters and companies naturally use it as one big pond to fish for and select talent. Over 70% of employers also use social media to screen candidates. As a consequence, having a great LinkedIn profile is not optional, it is essential. 

This session will be delivered by one of the world’s leading personal branding and career development experts and will cover:

️ How to get your resume and LinkedIn profile working together

️ Why you should be using LinkedIn to seek jobs but also develop your profile

️ How to create an attention-grabbing “Headline” and “About” section

️ What you should and shouldn’t put in the “Experience” section

️ How to use “Projects” and case studies for maximum impact