How to use advanced marketing techniques in your resume to get more interviews

Some recent research by HR-tech company, Tribepad indicates that over half of job seekers feel the wrong people get hired because they know how to cheat the system, such as lying about their experience, qualifications or job history.

The truth is, it’s nothing to do with folks cheating, it’s down to the fact that many job seekers are extremely weak when it comes to selling themselves.

Join this 30 min workshop and learn how to use sales and marketing techniques in your resume to get more interviews for better jobs that pay a higher salary.

In this fast-paced and engaging session you will learn how to:

️ Create a resume that will genuinely open doors and drive interviews for top jobs

️ Use marketing techniques such as keyword optimization and social proofing

️ Transform your resume into a business case that will have recruiters fighting over you

️ Harness the power of case studies in your resume to help you negotiate a higher salary

️ Create a winning opening summary that instantly gets recruiter's attention

️ The things you should NEVER do on your resume than many people don't know

Recent feedback:

“Following the webinar, I have spent that last week re-writing my resume in the format you discussed - then put it online last night. Today, I have received 3 emails from recruiters who want to deliver my resume to their clients. Alongside this I have had 2 calls from companies who have invited me in for a chat about vacancies. This is more interest than I have had in the last 3 years combined! Testament to the success of your workshop.”